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Music Therapy Round Table: Episode 10A: AMTA National Conference
Music Therapy Round Table
Wednesday, November 24, 2010
  Episode 10A: AMTA National Conference
This episode of the Music Therapy Round Table marks the first in which we are actually recording together, in the same room! The three of us met up in Cleveland for the American Music Therapy Association's national conference, and we took this opportunity to capture the excitement in our podcast. We ended up with so much great interview material from fellow conference attendees that we split episode 10 into two parts. Here is the first of the two:

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Click this link to read a transcript of the show:
Episode 10A: 2010 AMTA National Conference

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Music Therapy Round Table is a podcast series with music therapists: Kimberly Sena Moore, Michelle Erfurt, and Rachel Rambach. Together, the three discuss topics dealing with music therapy.

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